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            Fiber spraying machine series
            Fiber spraying machine PTJ300
            Product Description


            Fiber spraying machine PTJ300
            Technical note:
            Fan production in the US.
            2. Speed control mechanism realizes continuously variable transmission and digital display control.
            3. A filter, check valve and safety valve are installed on the fan line, so that the blower can be effectively protected. The regulating valve on the fan line regulates the wind pressure through the pressure gauge display.
            Electrical system: The start and stop control of fan and feeding realize interlock, so as to avoid damage of equipment due to misoperation.
            Feeding speed: 300kg/h
            Vertical lift: 100M
            Feeding height: 1320mm
            Outer size (length * width * height): 1300mm * 900mm * 1450mm
            Weight: 650kg

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