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            Professional diaphragm pump
            Professional diaphragm pump GMB35
            Product Description

            Professional diaphragm pump GMB35

            GMB35 diaphragm pump has the characteristics of large flow, high pressure, corrosion-resistant shell, small fluctuation of outlet pipeline (air bag buffer), compact and reasonable structure, convenient use and maintenance, and has the unique performance of dehydration operation that other pumps can not achieve. It is a new type of fiber spraying professional pump.
            Technical note:
            Speed: 1000r/ min
            Working pressure: 3.5Mpa
            3. Flow rate: 35L/ min
            Matching power: 2.2kw
            5. Water absorption height: 4m
            Appearance size (length * width * height): 260mm * 210mm * 265mm
            Weight: 18 kg

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