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            Heavy castable sprayer
            Heavy castable sprayer XWPTJ30
            Product Description

            Heavy castable sprayer XWPTJ30

            This machine is a furnace building equipment for spraying heavy refractory materials produced by Japanese technology. Compared with the traditional heavy material spraying machine, it has the advantages of lightweight, flexible, easy operation, small spraying coating rebound, and the discharging speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, which is suitable for different working conditions.
            Technical note:
            1. Diameter of conveying pipe: 38mm
            Workload: 3 m3/ H
            Air consumption: 10 m3/ min
            4. The required air pressure is 15kg/cm2
            Maximum transportation distance of material: level: 240m, vertical: 160m
            Aggregate maximum particle size: 10mm
            The outer dimensions (length * width * height): 960mm * 790mm * 975mm
            Weight: 280 kg

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